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Avid Symphony in Toronto

Creative Post
HD post, vfx, design, animation, colour correction
Creative Post Interactive
From CD, DVD to Mobile and Web Creative Post Interactive knows New Media.
Distilled Creative
Audio and Video Post Production for Film and Television
Fearless Films
HD, NTSC & PAL post production
Fini Films Inc
HD online, FX, compositing. Full service post production
I am a Freelance Digital Video Editor. I also shoot Timelapse footage
gearshift inc
Film & Video Production
House Of Merv Productions
Editorial Services For all Projects. Fully Equipped Avid Xpress
International Multimedia Co
Descriptive Video, Closed Captioning (HD & SD), Alchemist Platinum Ph.C with Clean Cut V.2 Standards Conversion (NTSC/PAL), High Definition Frame Rate Conversions via UKON & Alchemist Platinum, Blu-ray, HD-DVD & DVD Mastering & Replication, Video Encoding for Web or Mobile, Broadcast Transfers, Dolby Encoding/Decoding, Dolby LM-100. Formats include: HDCAM SR, HD D5,HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, HD XDCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam IMX, Betacam SX, Betacam SP, DVCPRO 50, XDCAM, DVCAM, 1, 3/4, Digital 8, Hi-8
HD and SD Broadcast Conversions and Duplication, HD Frame rate Crossconversions using the Alchemist Ph.C HD! Blu-ray & DVD Authoring, French Infomercial Customization, Distribution, HD AVID Online, 5,1 Audio mixing, etc...
Pixel Underground
relish editing and 567 vfx provide creative commercial editing (offline) and visual effects (online) for commericals, virals and music video. Based in Toronto, relish editing is a post-production company, and a member of the AICE
Sim Video Productions Ltd.
Sim Video is North America's premier rental house specializing in high definition production and post production equipment rentals.
The Acme Editing Company
Experienced Avid editorial and finishing. Corporate, Broadcast, Commercial, Music Video.
Theatre D Digital
HD Post Production, Equipment Rentals & Theatre Exhibition for Film Makers
Triangle Post
post production for television
Urban Post Production
Post Production Audio and Video
Wanted Pictures
Full service Post in the heart of downtown Toronto

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