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Described Video in Toronto

Blackstone Sight and Sound
A leading provider of Translation, Described Video, and Transcription
Corbin Visual
Award winning Toronto based video production company specializing in professional grade video for business, broadcast and special events
CVC Communications Agency
Full Circle Communications
dB Audio Inc.
Audio production for advertising, elearning and the web.
Images Life Media Inc
Inclusive Media and Design Inc.
Innovating for Inclusion IMD offers web video captioning and description at competitive rates, live transcription, consulting for AODA preparedness, and training.
Writing, recording and producing descriptive video for television, film & documentaries.
Kat Mullaly - Media Descriptionist
I create, voice and record soundtracks containing descriptions of the on-screen activity that the visually impaired cannot see on broadcast TV shows, feature films, documentaries and advertising. And I DO IT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. See my website and/or LinkedIn for more.
Media Fusion
Post City Sound
Post Production Scripts
Captioning, Described Video, Transcription, As-Produced and CCSL scripting services
Power of Babel
Translation, dubbing and voiceover recording in any language
Words, worth a thousand pictures
Sharon Galvin
Writing of DV, etc., translation, captioning
Video Producer + Editor + Photographer
The Media Concierge
Quality Control Evaluations, Broadcast Video Transfers (HDCAM SR, Dbeta, 1 ...), International Standards Conversions (Alchemist, FOR-A, Teranex), Closed Captioning, Subtitling, Descriptive Video, Dolby E, Signiant & Aspera Digital Deliveries, VOD Deliveries (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu...), Blu-Ray & DVD, LTO-6 & LTO-7 Archiving
Triangle Post
post production for television
X-Ten Productions
With over 25 years of experience, the HDPS Team can help you get your dream to the screen. From Feature Films to Broadcast Television, and everything in between

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