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Knife Goes On Sound

One-stop service for film post sound services. Experienced professional foley artist, sound designer and editor for film, animation, trailers, commercials, and composer of electronic music. Have home setup for foley recording, extensive sound libraries, field recorder. All audio work done in Steinberg Nuendo; synthesis, sound design and processing done in Nuendo, Ableton Live, Propellerheads Reason, Native Instruments, Acon Digital Restoration Suite, and many other software plugins.

Contact Name: Heidi Chan (film foley artist, sound designer/editor/mixer, dialog editor, composer)

15 Ferrier Ave
M4K 3H5
Phone: 6479807331
E-mail Address:
Longitude: -79.348679
Latitude: 43.679358

Last updated: Thu Jan 30 13:00:21 EST 2014

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