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Commercial Production in Toronto

48 Volts Sound + Music
I have been professionally working with sound and music for over a decade. These projects have ranged from radio production and music production, to sound and music post for television and advertising.
Above the Standard Sounds
Above the Standard Sounds does audio engineering & audio post production.
Affordable Non Union Male Voice Talent
Scott Taylor has been a professional broadcaster, a non union male voiceover artist and voice actor and Toronto male voiceover talent and animation voice artist for 40+ years.
Balance Music + Sound
Balance is an audio post production studio owned and operated by Dino Cuzzolino, an engineer/producer with over 20 years of audio post production experience.
Bamahang Recording Studio
Bamahang Studios is a full service recording, mixing, audio/visual and staging house.
Batchfilms offers full production services for high-impact videos that deliver powerful messages to any audience. Our business is based first and foremost on delivering superior customer satisfaction. Batchfilms is experienced in field production as well as interviews and documentaries. We produce outstanding CORPORATE VIDEOS that reach target audiences of any kind. Our service is personalized and effective. Let us broadcast you to the world. CALL NOW TO BOOK YOUR PRODUCTION 888 831 2048
Beevision Productions Inc.
Beevision is owned and run by partners Paul Hart and Nina Beveridge. Beevision delivers quality concept development and design, video production, editing, animation and web design to independent producers, TV networks, agencies and corporate clients.
Blue Sound And Music
Full team of experienced mixers, sound designers, engineers, foley and voice recording.
Brass Coffee
Brass Coffee is a full-service pre- through post-production facility located in a 130 year old brick-and-beam studio in the Queen West area of Toronto.
Buck Productions
Buck Productions is a full service, concept & visually driven production company that specializes in commercial, new media, original television and feature films.
Cherry Beach Sound
The Industry Standard for over 28 years.
Chopper Pictures
As head of Chopper Pictures, Neil Craig has delivered world-class video production services for a wide range of commercial, corporate, web and broadcast projects.
Chuck Gammage Studio
Chuck Gammage Studio applies the charm and appeal of classic animation to any style you can dream up. Our studio boasts a highly varied team of talented directors, each of whom brings a different style, sensibility and vision to their projects.
Circle Productions Inc.
Working with Circle allows you to leverage our relationships, ensuring that your project has access to the best resources available. Circle has a reputation for being a trusted production partner.
Crimson Fish Film Production
High quality equipment, images, and stories.
Founded in 2000 by John Black, Cypher Audio is a creative sound studio that crafts aural experiences for visual media and beyond. We are passionate about music and sound design, and the ways that they intersect and interact.
Daniel LeBlanc
A musician and award-winning music producer, composer and arranger. LeBlanc has based his career and life on the belief that success involves passion, drive, hard work and a willingness to embrace change.
David Jones
David Mesiha
Sonic Canvas Design is a professional audio production and post production facility in Toronto, Ontario, featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools. Audio is our passion and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
Diamantis Group Inc.
Editing and finishing in 3DHD on the Quantel Pablo Neo, also specializing in commercial and corporate media design.
Dima Graziani
Dima Graziani is a professional musician, and award-winning composer, arranger, producer, recording engineer, with over 25 years of experience.
Distilled Creative
Dog Does Tricks
Award winning, television production and creative services firm serving clients across North America.
Doug Wilde
Doug was born into a musical family and raised in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. His father, Bob Wilde played jazz bass and piano, his brother Jim Wilde became a choir director/composer and multi instrumentalist.
EASE Music Entertainment
Do it with EASE.
Eclipse Music
Eclipse Music has been creating music that fits perfectly into a wide variety of productions. Whether it is an original composition for television or film, we understand that music plays a very important role in the storytelling process.
Edit One Video
Edit One Video creates an environment where we can work closely with you throughout the development and execution of your next production. From creative development to script writing, shooting and final edit, Edit One has you covered.
Endless Films
Founded in 2001, Endless Films is a boutique, multilingual full service video production company, focusing on building stories to build brands. We make it simple, focusing on short modular content to drive eyeballs.
Enter Broadcast Network Inc.
Canada's digital media specialists for advertising agencies, corporations & professional associations.
Evelyne Datl
Evelyne Datl is a Toronto musician producer, and composer of music for film and TV.
From the latest digital technology to old school analog techniques, exhibita is a production company that specializes in animation.
Fish-Fry Music And Sound
Fish-Fry is a music house in Toronto with principal composers, Greg Fisher and Derek Treffry, specializing in music for broadcast, film, television and commercials. fish-fry also provides music for new media.
Frame By Frame Sound Inc.
For over 27 years, Omie Craden has worked on film, every television format, animation, advertising, corporate videos, music album production and video games for major studios, producers and production companies in Toronto.
Gearshift Productions is a vertically integrated video production company focusing on commercials, corporate communications and online content. Our services include creative, video production, editing, animation and interactive.
Grayson Matthews
Music is about communicating and connecting. it expresses what we care about deeply. what we think about. how we feel. Our process is not just about creating music, it?s about skillfully expressing humanity through sound.
H.of C. Recording Studios
House Of Merv Productions
House Of Merv Productions does editorial services for all projects. Fully equipped Avid Xpress.
Image Harvest Films
Image Harvest Films is an award winning film and video production company based in Toronto, Canada. We are experienced and dedicated film professionals who are well versed in the rock steady foundations of great storytelling.
Images Life Media Inc
Images Life Media is an internationally recognized video production house. We draw upon creativity, experience and talent to deliver a final product that invites you in. Our cinematographers create engaging stories that bring your content to life.
Imprint Music
Imprint Music is an award-winning, state-of-the-art audio post-production and music house.
We help businesses launch their products and convert their ideal customers through persuasive video. Part video production company and part marketing agency, we specialize in the strategy, creation, and distribution of powerful commercial campaigns.
International Multimedia Corporation
International Film and Video Productions Inc. works closely with you through every step of the production and post production process to create an effective, affordable corporate program just for your specific requirements.
Ivory Storm Productions
Ivory Storm is a Toronto based music company specializing in music for film, TV and live theatre run by music director, vocal coach and composer Rosalind Mills. Credits include music for CBC, Global, CityTV, Omni, Bravo, Prime, and MenTV.
Jason Ball Audio Cottage
Jason Ball is an experienced audio producer, with credits on radio, film and television.
John Herberman
Music for film and television, including original composition, orchestration, recording/mixing, contracting and conducting.
Key Of E Music Solutions
Music composer and producer Peter Warnica, through his company Key Of E Music Solutions, provides original contemporary music for media, including television, film, mobile and interactive.
Killervision does film, video and TV production.
Knife Goes On Sound
One-stop service for film post sound services. Experienced professional foley artist, sound designer and editor for film, animation, trailers, commercials, and composer of electronic music. Have home setup for foley recording.
Kontakt Films
Kontakt Films was established in 2003 and has grown into a creative video agency that produces highly crafted and engaging content for our clients. We have strived to combine the most beautiful visuals with compelling stories on all our productions.
Lachini Media
Fariborz Lachini has been creating music for over three decades. While in his twenties, Lachini had already achieved success in the world of pop music, writing for some of today's Persian pop icons as well as music for children.
Laer Works
Gemini-nominated digital artist Larry Adlon brings over 15 years of experience in the broadcast field to provide your production with a wide range of artistic services including quality visual effects, animation, graphics, music and more.
Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is an artist-run cultural and educational media arts organization dedicated to celebrating excellence in the moving image. LIFT is supported by its membership, Canada Council for the Arts (Media Arts Section), Ontario Arts Council, Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.
Loopmedia Inc.
Loopmedia Inc. produces broadcast design and is a digital animation house for feature films, television and commercial productions.
LTB Films
A Toronto-based production company, LTB Films was founded by Wayne Fenske in 1988. After having run several large production companies in New York, Chicago, and Toronto, Wayne now executive produces at this award-winning production house.
Providing original music with stylistic versatility and character for film, television, and other media.
Marcando Music
I will work with you to deliver an appropriate score that will enhance your project - easily, within budget, and on time. Guaranteed!
Maria Molinari
Based in Toronto, Maria Molinari is a composer who is trained in the scoring for motion pictures and television.
Meiro Stamm
Music composition and production for film, television and multimedia.
Working together as Menalon; Lodewijk & Joseph have scored, produced, remixed, installed and performed on a wide variety of projects.
Merging Forest Films
We are Merging Forest Films, a small, but resourceful video production outfit. Bring us your project, we'll work with you from the earliest stages of development through to the end. Concept, production, post, whatever your idea demands, we're equipped to deliver.
Michael T Morrow Ltd.
MT Morrow Ltd. is an JVC-GY5000 camera and operator for hire and experienced at Final Cut Pro editing.
Michelle Osis
Mike Freedman
Mike Freedman is a professional guitarist, composer and instructor based out of Toronto, Canada. His versatility has allowed him to be involved in a wide array of music projects, performances and recordings.
Morph Productions
Welcome to Morph Productions, the working space for myself, Toronto music producer, audio engineer and songwriter Ashton Price.
Music For Productions Inc.
Music For Productions is the first on-line full-service supplier of music for productions in Canada. Offering four types of services - production music libraries, a song catalogue, custom scoring and music supervision services.
Musicent Productions
The singers represented at MusicEnt are handpicked by Sharon Lee, and conform to the highest standard of technical skill and professionalism. Sharon Lee has gone on to become one of the premier voices and coaches on the Toronto music scene.
NewSound Productions
NewSound Productions is home base for composer, producer & audio engineer Mark Knox.
Nicol Studio
Nicol Studio is a creative production company founded by Sean and Ryan Nicol. Nicol Advantage is a division for commercial and corporate service that will work with brands, who are looking for web commercials or videos.
Nightingale Music
Nightingale Music is an internationally recognized and independently owned music company with over 30 years of experience servicing the film, television and multimedia industries. We are absolutely passionate about music!
Norman Orenstein Music
Composer & producer for film and television.
NYB Media
Video production in Toronto is what we live and breathe at NYB Media, and we are always ready to take on the next challenge when it comes to creating engaging and meaningful content!
Partner's Film
We are a media production company that produces visual stories of all kinds. The company ethos is a passion for great work, a love of creative partnership, and deep expertise in production.
Partner's Film Company Ltd.
Pendulum Entertainment
Pendulum Entertainment is a team of experienced professionals creating awesome video content for everything from smartphones to jumbotrons. Pre, production or post, we have got you covered.
Philipstudios does computer animation.
Plunk & Boom
Original music and sound design.
Prisma Light
Prisma Light has been producing media for over 30 years. For us, the key to making engaging and effective media has always been the two C?s: creativity and collaboration. So take a look at our recent work and see what you think.
Our team perceives design and technology as a means to an end, because our primary focus is the clients message. As a multi-lingual, multi-talented, multi-tasking, and award-winning company we can fulfill any request for a project.
Pyramid Attack
Pyramid Attack makes higher end compositing and animation.
Revolver Films
Founded by Don Allan in 1983, Toronto based Revolver Films has built a reputation for world-class and award-winning music-based films and video projects for over 30 years.
REVsound was the production company and recording studio that organized the creative projects of Gary Justice, a Toronto composer and audio producer. These were a bit like meditation experiments, dealing with sound and music at its deepest levels.
Robeter Productions
Robeter Productions does video production and editing.
Russell Walker
Russ started his road to a career in music studying guitar and classical flute in the early 70s. He worked as a recording engineer in the late 70s, making records for bands, and gradually started doing audio post for video.
Ryst Media
Ryst Media is a small creative production company started in 2005. In the last ten years Ryst Media has focused on the areas of music & design to help both businesses and create greater impact on a wide range of various projects.
Shooters International Inc.
Total film and TV production services.
Smak Motion Studios Inc.
Smak Studios is a premium motion production studio working at the forefront of digital image acquisition. We believe in the power of the pixel. It has the power to create life from motion, imagination, color and design.
Sonic Interactive Inc.
We are Sonic Interactive Inc., a video solutions company. Our services include video production, post production and broadcast designs, specializing in commercials, episodic television, corporate communications, and documentaries.
Sonny Keyes
Sonny Keyes is a founding member of The Kings and segued from that into a career as a post-production audio producer for TV and film. A life-long songwriter, he has finally arrived at country music, which he appreciates for its melodies and for its lyrics.
Spellbound Sound
Big budget sound for indie film prices avoid expensive post houses and hire an experienced one man team with a proven track record and a passion for setting your projects on fire!
Stonehenge Digital Studios Inc.
Stonehenge Digital Studios Inc. is a film and video production team headed by veteran directors and producers James Musselman and Glyn Evans.
Studio M
Studio M helps brands solve their problems through the power of stories. With the avalanche of content out there, it is getting harder and harder to be noticed. That is why you need us. To create a story that rises above the fray.
StudioCat is a music company located in Toronto, specializing in original composition for film and television. Our composers are Jamie Shields, Adam White and David Wall.
Sugar Media Inc.
Sugar Media Inc. is a multi-award-winning video production company located in Toronto, Canada dedicated to the production of creative, strategic and impactful videos for business.
SwitchFrame Media
We are unique because we also do the creative behind our video productions. You would work with a creative agency for the ideas and a production company to make the video. At SwitchFrame Media we do both and we do them both well.
Syndicate has evolved into a full service content creation company. Whether you are producing for television, radio, or the web, Syndicate will help shape your message from conception to execution. En anglais, or in French.
TA2 Sound + Music
We are audiophiles, sonically obsessed, devoted to enlightening the world with quality sound and music. But we are also more than that.
The Post Office
We specialize in all aspects of music and audio post for all types of media.
Tony Vieira
TVC-15 Video Production
Our portfolio includes promotional videos for some of Toronto's high-profile clients. We are dedicated to promoting your brand by providing inspired content and detail-oriented video production work.
Ultra Violet Productions Scoring
Ultra Violet Productions has been about mood. The stories, ideas, audio, and cinematography were all crafted with the original mood in mind. It became increasingly obvious that at the core of these moods was the music.
Vapor Music
Vapor Music is a full service sound facility specializing in original music composition, licensing & music supervision for television, film, video games and new media, radio, as well as sound design & voice direction.
Victory Drive Music Inc
Jono Grant, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist has built a diverse portfolio of audio work over the last 20 years, spanning many genres and every form of media. He has scored over 300 episodes for numerous series.
Video Creative
Film and Tv Production
VO2 Mix Inc.
VO2 Mix is a state of the art digital audio post-production facility located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Offering a full range of sound design and original or stock music packages to fit every budget.
Wanted Sound & Picture
Wanted Sound & Picture is a full service post house in the heart of downtown Toronto.
Working with talented people around the world to create compelling soundtracks for their productions.
Xpression Video Productions Inc.
We are an award winning Toronto based wedding videography studio specializing in wedding videos and other event and corporate film productions.
You Gotta Love
Hi, my name is Richard Yagutilov, and I love helping people and brands tell their story using photography and film. I started out in the film industry working on Hollywood films in various positions to really get a sense of how they do it on the big sets.
Yuri Rabin
Yuri Rabin is a professional cinematographer. He graduated from Toronto Film College in 2007 and ever since has been working with various companies in film, sports, and business industry to provide professional video coverage.
Zirco Circus
Dark, twisted & kooky music for all mediums.

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